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Possible Agent

seanan_mcguire introduced me to her Agent, dianafox, at New York Comic Con this weekend. I just sent her a brief follow-up note telling her about my projects and mentioned that I'd like to query her in a few months.

Finding Lemuria

My second great uncle Shaver's first short story was called I Remember Lemuria!, and he later expanded the story into a novella by the same name, minus the "!"

I assumed "Lemuria" was just a word he made up, until I ran across it in Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu last night. So I typed the name of the lost continent into Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemuria_%28continent%29

Interestingly enough, the theory of Plate Tectonics was not solidified until 1962, so I can see why my uncle referred to it.

I'm changing the title of my short story to "Shaver's Legacy". The original title, "Reawakening: A Tale of Lemuria" no longer works.

Research is fun!


The good news: my writing group adored my Shaver story and really want me to turn it into a novel.

The bad news: they think this is far better than everything I've written for my alternate history novel to date. You know, the novel I've been worldbuilding and researching and working on for almost two years? Argh!

The annoying news: I have to research the hell out of Shaver's mythos and get all the details right, or I'll loose my fanbase when they Google his work. It's a good thing I enjoy research.

The sad news: Tim got a job in Toronto and we'll have to figure out how to have him telecommute.

Sharing a Writing Resource

sfwa is the LJ Community for the Science Fiction Writers of America.

Today they posted about writing resources, and I plan to sign up for The Writer's Database tonight: http://www.writersdb.com/

Public domain for the win!!

Huzzah! I just received an e-mail from Adventures Unlimited Press, confirming that my great-uncle Richard's work is in the Public Domain! This is the company that published Lost Continents and the Hollow Earth, which includes some of Shaver's stories!

Full speed ahead!

The Shaver Goose Chase

I spent the past hour at the Boston Public Library going through copyright renewal records. We could not find anything with Shaver's name on it, and the kind librarian said he was 99% positive that the copyright was not renewed.

I need a story idea...

I was chatting with mabfan at work today about writing and how hard it is to get that first work published, and he made a very good suggestion: I should write a story set in my second great uncle Richard Shaver's world of Lemuria. Since he never had children and I'm the only one of his relatives who truly wants to write, I'm in a prime position to be his successor. He liked alternate history and mythology, too. :)

I've got hardcopy collections of some of his stories, and I'm going to re-read them and take notes.

Wizard Story

Last month, I submitted my first short story to an anthology. Titled "To Bow and to Bend," it is the tale of a half-selkie wizard learning to master his magic and come to terms with his sexuality.

According to John Joseph Adams' submission guide, no news is good news and my story is being seriously considered. I will be immensely pleased if it is printed, making me a Published Author.

Why I write

seanan_mcguire made a comment the other day about why authors write, becuase it's really not for money. Many of them have stories they want to tell.

I have stories I want to share, but writing for me is much more about giving back than anything else. I had a terribly lonely childhood, and my books were some of the only things that gave me joy.

As a young girl, what I needed most were stories about women doing "men's things," becoming Knights and saving kingdoms. Now that it's my turn, I'm interested in writing about strong women, but I also want to write about gay and trans folk, to show those kids that what they want is acceptable, even if "everyone" says it's not.

Contest for a Seanan Book!

seanan_mcgire's second Toby book, A Local Habitation, will be in stores March 2nd! Her agent, dianafox, is holding a contest for an ARC.