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Thaughts on Captain America

My partner and I are going to see Captain America tonight. I don't really like the Big Two, but ever since I saw this panel, I've really appreciated The Cap.

The movie is set in WWII. Nazis will die on screen, which makes me glad. My mother made the mistake of telling me I was "Jewish enough for Hitler" when I was about five, and my bio dad told me about how much he loved German beer as a kid. I put this together and thought my father's family escaped Germany. (Years later I looked at the dates and realized this was incorrect.)

And yet, when I see anything about the concentration camps, my gut reaction is, "That could have been my grandparents."

mabfan's story Kaddish for the Last Survivor described better than I ever could, but he's a practicing Jew. I don't follow any of my parents' faiths, but I would have been Jewish enough to be sent to a concentration camp.

There are people who try to deny the Holocaust happened. I'm glad that fictional and remembered accounts keep the past alive.